Tuesday, April 21, 2009

iTicker now available on Cydia!

iTicker v1.0 was posted this afternoon on Cydia via the ModMyI-repo. Special thanks to Kyle at modmyi.com for hosting it. Please download on Cydia if you want to avoid SSH'ing into your phone in order to install. Thanks!


  1. I really really like this but can you tell me how to just show baseball. I know how to SSH into my phone and modify the file but what part do I modify and what do I add to who just baseball. Thanks websyndicateatgmail.com

  2. This looks like it will be a good replacement for iWBRSS, which I really liked -- when it worked. Your ticker worked fine but then it didn't show up on my springboard an hour or two later. A respring made it work again.

    I wanted news headlines, so I substituted this feed:


    The headlines show up, but it's not lined up very well. Some longer headlines continue on a second line.

    So, it needs a little polish maybe, but I'm happy that you've released this. This is exactly what I've been wanting for my iPod Touch. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks! It's what I'be been waiting for since iWbrss died. A couple of things though.... how about making the feeds scroll by? That would be great since some feeds are longer than the space available. Also, how can I change the time a feed is displayed?

    Thanks for everything!

  4. I'm glad you guy guys like it and you're very welcome. I've noticed sometimes it will disappear as well after long usage however a simple resrping will solve this or you can go into Winterboard and uncheck then recheck iTicker and it'll work fine again.

    In order to change the position you will need to edit the CSS in the Widget.html

    I will look into making scrolling a settings option in a future release. Hopefully one of these days I can get an easy UI up and running.

    To change the time of the feed you'll want to look for this line of code in Widget.html

    "var cssfeed=new gfeedrssticker("example1", "example1class", 10000, "_new")" where it says 10000 change that to whatever time you want. It is in milliseconds so 10000 = 10 seconds.

    Thanks again hope this helps!

  5. Any line of code in there that I can easily edit to make the text line up better? I'm not sure why the text starts so far over to the right. iWBRSS lined up really well, so there must be some way to do this. I just can't figure it out.

  6. The text is like that to display the default RSS nicer which is the sports scores. To edit it you'll want to find this code in Widget.html

    .titlefield{ /*CSS for RSS title link in general*/

    You can completely delete the margin-left line if you like. That way it will shift all the way over to the left or edit the pixels to whatever value you want and that's where the text will begin. Hope this helps!

  7. Ah. Yes, it did. I took out that line like you suggested. Looks much better. The "nicer" wasn't showing up for me, anyway.

  8. Hi,
    I have it all set up for a news feed from the UK. I have increased the font size to 18 and the second wrapped line of text is obscured by the icons in the dock. Is there anyway I can adjust the start position for the first line of text a bit higher up the screen so the second wrapped line will then miss the icons? Hope this makes sense!



    PS - great add on!

  9. Hi! I just recently jailbroke my phone, added iTicker, customized a few things, and just simply love it!
    However, periodically it stops displaying my feeds and instead says "retrieving RSS feeds" for a few hours at a time.
    Respringing and the like don't seem to do any good, so I'm wondering if this is an actual issue with iTicker or if it's just a problem with my feeds.
    If someone could give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated! If not, I just want to say thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work! (As someone mentioned earlier, a scrolling option would be wonderful too!)

  10. does iticker work with iphone 4